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What Are Customers Saying About Susie’s Training

When I first started working with Susie 3 months ago, I only had a business idea. Together we molded it into a business plan with solid offerings. I now have my first client and another one on the way! I’m honestly amazed.

Nicole Jackson

Working with Susie gave me the tools and confidence to move forward in my on-line business. I was able to put together a clear focused plan on achieving my goals and exactly what I need to do to move forward.

Vicki Haddock

Susie helped me create my new service offerings. I had a call with a potential new client booked for this morning at 8, I sent her contract and invoice this afternoon, and already received them back for my new premium Marketing Manager Package!

I am so ecstatic! Thank you for helping me turn my little freelancing business in to the type of business I have been dreaming of creating!

Jessica Castle


After watching Susie’s training, I was so inspired I designed a business proposal and gained my FIRST client that day!


Alicia Wade


Once I applied the things I learned from Susie and her programs, leads started rolling in! I literally had six leads for paying work within one day!

It felt amazing, my business is growing and I owe so much to Susie for her advice and training.


Erica Johnson


Susie, I wanted to let you know that I am LOVING your training, I am so motivated and excited I can barely stand myself.  LOL. I listen to the videos every day AND I put my ear buds in at night and fall asleep listening to one, so that it can sink into my subconscious and stay there!


Kelly Dixon